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Saturday, January 28, 2006

warning: this post is not politically correct, it's just honest

So it looks like Hillary isn't polling particularly well eh? I can't say I'm surprised. This merely confirms something I've been telling Paul for months now: America will never elect a liberal woman to the presidency. We may even still be some ways off from electing a conservative woman, but we are probably never, ever going to elect a liberal woman to the White House.

Why? you ask. Well, to put it bluntly, men, and even most women, don't trust an emotional woman to run the country. Which is pretty much what liberal women are. I'm no expert on the subject, but I can't think of a single liberal woman elected to lead a European country. Even Europeans don't trust liberal women with their highest office(s)! But I can think of a couple conservative European women who have received that high honor.

This is because conservative women conduct themselves in a way that people like to see their leaders conduct themselves. They are even, calm, rational and completely logical. They will rarely, if ever, base their points on purely emotional appeals. They are sensible. They don't nag you, they simply tell you and you KNOW you better behave.

Lucky for us Republicans, Hillary is capable of being as naggy, shrieky and nonsensical as any depressed 15-year old girl on the first day of her period. And who wants one of those running the country? This is probably also why both men and women tend to prefer a male boss to a female one.

wingless was still breathing at 2:36 PM -

Joyce, you are one of my favorites so I say this as a friend. Even though you qualified them both with "probably" you did say "never" and "ever. Careful now. =)
Besides the use of those words I think you are spot on.
I can't think of a single liberal woman elected to lead a European country.

Mary Robinson in Ireland http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Robinson
Finish presidant http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarja_Halonen

is two I can think of.
The Irish presiidant is only cerimonial. But the Finnish pres has a lot of power.

stll though interesting arguement when you have maggie thacter(probably the most hated person in Ireland for various reasons) on the other side

While I think you are completely correct that Hillary has about a snowballs chance in hell in '08 if she runs, surely the split can't be as definite as emotional = liberal?

Maggie Thatcher was hardly a liberal and neither was she a drone.
And you trust our current President who's approval ratings are now 33%. Even Fox News stated this (I cannot believe you would trust a biased new source like Fox)
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